Ryan Thomas’ baby son Roman makes TV debut on This Morning – as Lucy Mecklenbugh has to remind him of his age

Ryan Thomas’ baby son Roman made his TV debut on Wednesday’s This Morning, when the former Coronation Street star proudly held up the little boy.

The 35 year old gushed over his little boy, and chatted to show hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about life with a newborn in lockdown.

He said: “If he starts screaming in the background, you’ll just have to deal with that! I think the toughest thing of all, and it’s tough for everyone, as you know my brothers haven’t even met my son yet and I can’t wait to get back.

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“We’ll be doing the Simba moment when we bring him to the Thomas family. We’re looking forward to being with family again”, as Lucy passed Roman into Ryan’s arms.

When mother-of-three Holly asked how old the little boy is, Roman appeared to forget and fiancee Lucy Mecklenburgh had to say: “eight weeks!” from off-camera.

Ryan appeared on the morning show with brothers Scott and Adam ahead of their brand new Indian travel adventure launching on ITV this evening.

They revealed what the journey meant to them and their dad as Scott joked: “I’ve always been in the shadows, so I just wanted my moment!… This just meant so much to us. All our lives we’ve been told we’re a quarter Indian, and never knew a thing about it, so it was literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. So special.”

Ryan admitted: “For once, there wasn’t one argument… I think it was such a family bonding time that we sort of didn’t have time to argue, we just enjoyed each other’s company.”

Adam added: “We’ve not stopped arguing since though!”

Adam then spoke about his dad being an entertainer, having come from the music industry supporting the likes of Michael Jackson and James Brown.

He said of his dad: “Getting to take him along on this journey with us was very special. It’s pretty much his show, he steals this show from start to finish. So he was finding out about his dad, but we were also finding out about our dad also.”

Scott then spoke about how, unlike he and his brothers, their dad is subtle and cool. Ryan added: “We all know someone in our lives from that old fashioned background. He doesn’t tell you he loves you, he doesn’t say how proud he is of you. He’s a bit of a closed book, but this trip it brought out some of the emotion we’ve never seen from him… We didn’t expect that to happen. When you watch this show, it wasn’t made for TV it just happened that way.

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“It was emotional but positive at the same time. We got a lot from it as brothers with our father. It’s made our bond stronger with him even more so.”

On meeting their Indian family Scott revealed: “They didn’t know about us. Basically, our dad was named after our Great Uncle who’s called Douglas James Thomas and he came to the UK about four times trying to find his brother, my granddad, and couldn’t find him.

“So we got over there and honestly you will be so shocked, we uncovered a massive Thomas family. We’ve got a WhatsApp group now with all of them and they’re all wishing us luck for tonight. We’ve literally found a whole new family and we’ve stayed in touch, it’s amazing.”

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