Rosamund Pike on photoshopping: ‘We’re losing our grip on what we really look like’

Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike has a new movie out on Netflix called I Care A Lot. I haven’t seen the flick yet but it is in my queue to watch. I just want to see Rosamund playing another cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs character because the woman knows how to embody crazy. With a new movie comes press releases and movie posters. It would seem that Rosamund is not too cool about being augmented in movie posters. Rosamund told Kelly Clarkson that she has been photoshopped several times over the years. Rosamund said that her blue eyes were photoshopped brown in the press for Radioactive and that her breasts were made bigger in the Johnny English Reborn poster. She said she is sure these are not the only times she has been photoshopped, it’s just that she didn’t notice until she started looking at her past work. Here’s more of what she said, via Indiewire.

“For the poster for Johnny English [Reborn], my breasts were augmented,” she said. “In the poster for the character shot, I have got a very impressive chest, which I don’t have.”

Pike also said that for a more recent film, last year’s “Radioactive” in which she starred as Marie Curie, the color of her eyes was changed to her bewilderment.

“For ‘Radioactive,’ strangely, they made my eyes brown. I still don’t quite know why. Sort of browny-hazel color.”

She added, in the clip you can watch below, that she has also wondered how many other times her body had been photoshopped without her realizing.

“Those are the obvious times, right? When you do notice, ‘Oh, I’ve got brown eyes,’ or, ‘I’ve got massive breasts.’ But there’s probably countless times where our image is doctored and we don’t notice it,” she said. “Because I think we’re all losing our grip on what we really look like.”

Pike isn’t the only actress to call out being Photoshopped in publicity materials. Zendaya, another actress with a current Netflix film thanks to “Malcolm & Marie,” called out body modification done to her in Modeliste Magazine back in 2015, writing on Instagram, “Had a new shoot come out today and was shocked when I found my 19 year old hips and torso quite manipulated. These are the things that make women self conscious, that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we have.”

[From Indiewire]

Rosamund is one of many celebrities who have spoken about unnecessary photoshopping. Priyanka Chopra famously spoke out about having her armpits, of all things, lightened, and Lady Gaga, Kate Winslet, and many other women have as well. I am not sure why the industry hasn’t caught on that photoshopping bodies is no longer en vogue. Photoshopping, in my opinion, has been a major contributor in the rise of body dysmorphia, especially amongst teenage girls. I am glad that Rosamund has added her voice to those who are trying to stop unnecessary photoshopping. We need to increase representation and expand the scope of what is considered beautiful. As a photographer the only editing I do is lighting and sometimes smoothing out skin if asked. Otherwise, what you see is what you get.

I look forward to seeing Rosamund in I Care A Lot. I do hope Rosamund and other celebrities continue to speak out about photoshopping, which can have unhealthy consequences.

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photos credit: Seacia Pavao / Netflix and via Instagram

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