Richard Simmons’ YouTube channel returns to help people during the coronavirus

Richard Simmons is coming out of retirement (sort of) and doing his bit to help people stay fit during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 71-year-old fitness mogul has been re-releasing workout videos on his YouTube channel for the past three weeks. This, after Simmons has been largely silent on social media for the past six years.

“We have had an overwhelming request for Richard to return in some way as a comfort to all dealing with the pandemic,” a representative for the star told Fox News in a statement. “We thought we would start by re-releasing some workouts and other inspirational content on his YT channel. Richard is very touched by the outreach.”

Simmons has not made any public appearances since 2014 and has only posted the occasional message on social media. This, following his ongoing battle with tabloids and rumors that he was undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

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