Prince Harry & Andrew probably will get the Queens Jubilee medals after all

A few days ago, the Telegraph reported that Prince Harry and Prince Andrew would be ineligible for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal. It’s something that happens with the big landmark Jubilee celebrations, groups of people receive commemorative “medals” marking the occasion. In this case, the medals are going to veterans, policemen, firemen and emergency service workers. Members of the royal family are “eligible” for the medals even if the military titles they hold are completely honorary. Harry, a veteran of war, was stripped of his honorary military titles. So was Andrew, even though he served in combat in the Falklands. But sources told People Magazine that the Telegraph’s story is false and that Harry and Andrew are still likely to receive the commemorative medal?

To celebrate her 70th year on the throne, Queen Elizabeth will be awarding special Platinum Jubilee medals next month — but as non-working senior royal family members, will Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be included? The commemorative medals are awarded to members of the armed forces, police, fire, emergency and prison services as well as members of the royal household and the monarch’s family.

The palace will not talk about specific members of the royal family following reports that Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan will receive the medals despite no longer being working members of the family.

But a royal source confirms to PEOPLE, “In common with previous jubilees, it is likely that wider members of the royal family would receive the Platinum Jubilee.” While members of the armed forces and other public servants receive them, the Queen independently pays for a number of medals for distribution “widely” to working and non-working members of her family.

The source adds, “They are funded privately and are commemorative.”

Separately, Buckingham Palace had no comment or guidance about whether Prince Harry and Meghan will travel to the U.K. in the spring for Prince Philip’s Service of Thanksgiving. The only date they have given for that occasion is that it will take place in the spring. Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip, died last April at the age of 99. Harry attended the funeral alongside his family at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

[From People]

Buckingham Palace has no comment or guidance about the Sussexes because BP doesn’t know. The Sussexes have not told them whether or not they’ll return. And Harry has made it clear that regardless of the lil’ medal situation, he will not bring his family to the UK without the proper security locked down. As for the medals… it’s very much like the story about “will the royals wear their military uniforms to Prince Philip’s funeral,” remember that? The British media was trying to “shame” Harry for not being able to wear a uniform to his grandpa’s funeral and Harry didn’t say a word about it – meanwhile, Andrew apparently insisted on wearing his full military drag and the Queen realized how horrible that would look. My point is that Harry doesn’t actually give a sh-t about commemorative medals or military uniforms at this point. He’s not going to be bribed into bringing his family into the lion’s den just because he might get a shiny lil’ medal.

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