Peter Weber: My Mom Was Right About Madison Prewett!

Every year, Chris Harrison promises that Bachelor fans are in for the most dramatic season finale ever.

And with Peter Weber’s season, he might have actually been telling the truth.

Peter’s conclusion wasn’t dramatic in any satisfying way, mind you.

He proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss; they broke up; he half-heartedly pursued Madison Prewett; they broke up; and everyone was left feeling vaguely uncomfortable and annoyed.

Does anyone know if Peter flies for Delta, because the whole thinf felt a lot like some unpleasant flights we’ve experienced.

Anyway, the dramatic conflict that had everyone talking happened not between Peter and one of his lady loves, but between Madison Prewett and Peter’s mother, Barbara Weber.

During a heated exchange on the After the Final Rose special, Barbara revealed that she believed Madison and Peter were incompatible.

When Madison and Peter broke up just two days later, some said it proved Barbara right, while others accused her of fulfilling her own prophecy by poisoning her son’s relationship.

Barbara Weber has been getting roasted on social media for over a month now, and this week, Peer came to her defense.

The pilot has now confirmed what the pro-Babs crowd was saying from the start — he and Madison were never right for each other.

“The nature of the show allowed for us to not see those issues so much,” he explained on Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s Almost Famous Podcast.

“But, kind of getting into real life and then really reflecting, we see … Listen, like, it sucks,” Weber added.

“You can feel just so strongly for someone, but you need to be compatible on certain, huge life issues,” Peter continued.

“And, if you’re not, it’s really just not going to work out in the end.”

We think what Peter’s trying to say is that when he and Madison were both away from their families and communities while shooting the show, the differences in their values were not as apparent.

Although when she revealed that she was saving herself and he proceeded to bang two chicks in a 48-hour period, that probably should have sent up a red flag.

Peter went on to say that Barbara “doesn’t dislike Madi at all,” but there were “things that led to frustration” throughout the filming of his season.

“She was very passionate in the moment that we weren’t compatible. Again, I will defend my mom,” Peter said.

“Her just being able to [be] on live TV with the pressure that comes with [it] — even against other opinions — being able to truly speak her mind and her opinion for the love of her son is, in my opinion, a really beautiful thing.”

At the end of the day, it seems that Barbara was aware that Peter would have a hard time fitting into Madi’s fundamentalist, ultra-conservative world.

Babs stopped just short of saying exactly that in a recent interview with Life & Style.

“We just simply say that Madison’s values and Peter’s don’t align. Her values don’t align with Peter’s,” she told the magazine.

“They just don’t align and … you want to protect your kids no matter how old they are.” Babs added.

“The most important thing that we want for our children is their happiness. I just want his happiness,” she concluded.

These days, Peter is dating Kelley Flanagan, so we guess it all worked out for him.

As for Madison, she received the happiest ending of all — not being with Peter!

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