Oliver Hudson has a huge pile of socks that dont have matches relatable?

Today in Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us, we get to talk about socks! More specifically, we get to talk about those pesky socks that presumably go into the laundry as a pair, yet somehow come out companionless. Y’all know what I’m talking about. It’s Unsolved Mysteries: Socks Edition. Actor Oliver Hudson is just like us. He has a huge collection of mysteriously pairless socks. In a post that he shared to Instagram this week, Hudson posted a picture of a pile of said socks (below), expressing his relatable disbelief, saying:

This is 100 percent real.. These are all single socks that have lost their mates. I can’t wrap my head around this.

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I was just thinking about this topic as I was folding laundry over the weekend! Last week, I had that rare batch of laundry where every single sock had a match. I was floored, and immediately thought, “OMG, Rosie, it’s both sad and incredible that you’re this excited about having complete sets of socks in a laundry load.” So, when I saw Oliver’s post, I laughed and felt vindicated that I’m not the only person who knows this struggle. Sadly, this week, not only did I have an unmatched sock in my kids’ laundry, I also had another one of their unmatched socks that popped up in my laundry. It’s like, where do they go? Is there some kind of washing machine vortex that sucks them into another dimension? Were they ever in there to begin with? Where is the missing sock?!

Hudson has been married to actress Erinn Bartlett since 2006 and they have three children together, ages 16, 13, and 10. Judging by that picture, that family has a lot of missing socks! I both love and shudder at the chaos in that pile. It’s like a puzzle that calls out to me to solve. My kids love wearing mismatched socks, but it drives me crazy because I am a completionist. I also keep socks without pairs to the side, in the hopes that they won’t be lonely for long. Sometimes, the mystery in my house is solved when I find a sock that randomly attached itself to another article of clothing. Once, I cleaned out behind a couch and found a couple that had migrated that way. But I think the most bewildering thing is when you find a missing sock in a load of laundry that’s done two or three weeks later, when it has absolutely NO business being in there. But, voilà!, there it is. It’s almost like it was abducted by sock aliens, then returned back to Planet Kenmore once it had served its purpose. But seriously, where do the missing socks go? In a world full of mysteries, this is one of the ones that’s top 10 on my list of needing an answer to.


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