New Jerseyites Google 'How to Roll a Joint' After Vote Legalizes Weed

Folks in New Jersey have green on the mind — they are eager to brush up on their marijuana skills after voting to legalize it, and their Google searches show it.

The term “how to roll a joint” saw a nearly 3,000% jump in the ultimate search engine during a solid 4 hours Tuesday evening as the Garden State overwhelmingly passed a ballot measure to make it legal to grow, smoke and sell herb starting in 2021.

Of course, like California, you’ll have to be 21 to do all that … and there’s still some red tape they gotta go through — like setting up the rules of this trade — before anyone can partake. Still, a whole new batch of tokers are obviously itching to bust out rolling papers.

Also trending in Jersey … the term “when will weed be legal in New Jersey.” So, yeah, they’re ready to burn.

Several other states are saying puff puff pass with Jersey, too — Arizona, Montana and South Dakota also voted to approve pot measures.

Colorado, Washington, Cali, Oregon and Illinois have been leading the nation in cashing in on marijuana users … having gone fully legal with it years ago.

Speaking of Oregon, that state got even more progressive with its drug laws — voting to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cocaine, heroin, Oxycontin and meth.

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