New Celeb Beef! Tiffany Haddish Calls Out Nicki Minaj In Fiery Clubhouse Chat!

One thing is for sure: Tiffany Haddish doesn’t see herself as the Nicki Minaj of ANYTHING!

The comedian threw major shade at the rapper during a recent chat on the social media app Clubhouse, and it’s started — or, maybe more correctly, re-ignited — some serious beef between the two A-listers!

It all started on the exclusive drop-in audio app, when a fan of Haddish was talking to the stand-up comic about her career and talent. At one point, in an attempt to compliment Common‘s better half, the guy compared her to the Bang Bang rapper, saying (below):

“Anybody ever tell you, you’re like the Nicki Minaj of comedy right now? You’re just killin’ the mother f**king game. Killin’ the mother f**king game! You are definitely the Nicki of this s**t right now.”

Hmmm… Is that even the best comparison?! We mean… not to instigate MORE feuding, but Tiffany just won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album, while Nicki has been nominated 10 times and never won.

We aren’t saying she wasn’t killin’ the mother f**king game or anything, just pointing out she’s not the best comparison.

Anyways, after a few seconds of cross-talk where multiple Clubhouse participants debated the man’s take, you can hear another man pipe up in response with the shady comment:

“But unlike Nicki, she shows up on time.”


Would have been fine if Tiffany left things there… but she had something to express! She quipped:

“And unlike Nicki, I treat everybody with respect and dignity.”


That’s gonna leave a mark…

Tiffany’s comment was met with agreement on Clubhouse; one girl responded to it affirmatively by saying:

“Yes, that part. That part.”

But is it really shady as hell?!

Take a listen for yourself (below) and take in the super shady “respect and dignity” response:


And we weren’t the only ones who noticed!

Twitter users were having a field day with this new celeb feud on Monday afternoon, getting the topic trending with reaction comments like these (below):

“Not Tiffany Haddish talkin s**t about Nicki Minaj, you could never compare to a legend like Nicki you ain’t even funny with out a script.”

“Comparing Tiffany Haddish to Nicki Minaj is the weirdest thing to me… at least Nicki’s good at what she does”

“Now who called Tiffany Haddish the Nicki Of Comedy? Thats the part that got me a lil confused”

“I don’t even care about this or even the opinion, I just think Tiffany Haddish is more like Cardi overall. More successful than talented. Calling her Nicki is a major upsell so she should’ve taken that as a gift”

“Tiffany Haddish is so weird. Like girl, wtf did Nicki ever do to you??”

The Barbz are really coming for Tiffany now! LOLz!!

This Feud Is ON!

FWIW, there might be some history to the beef between Tiffany and Nicki.

As many noted, it could stem from the 2018 MTV VMAs, where Haddish, as an award presenter, made a joke about the girl group Fifth Harmony.

Later in the show, Nicki took exception to Tiff’s quip and defended her pal — girl group member Normani — with a warning for the comedian (below):

Well then!

That Normani thing definitely isn’t the biggest controversy ever, but it’s pretty much the only bad blood we can see regarding these two. Until now, that is…?!

Or maybe there was something that happened behind the scenes…

What do U make of Tiffany calling Nicki out like this, Perezcious readers? What will it lead to next — diss track? Some other response?! Nicki can’t possibly let that Clubhouse comment go without responding, can she??

Sound OFF with your take on it down in the comments (below)…

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