Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher Troll Yung Joc

Yung Joc offends the couple after he insinuating in a now-deleted Instagram post that the ‘Said Sum’ rapper is plotting behind G Herbo’s back and trying to steal Ari.

AceShowbizMoneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher make sure that everyone knows that they can’t mess up with them. Yung Joc misses the agenda because he caused some drama on Friday, October 9 by insinuating that Moneybagg was plotting behind G Herbo (Lil Herbo)’s back and trying to steal Ari.

Both Moneybagg and her girlfriend Ari caught wind of it and clapped back at him with vicious diss. “If you used to rap and now if I call a Uber X and you pull up then stay out of rich folks business,” Ari wrote on her Twitter account. She went on saying, “They spent more time together when Yosohn was getting dropped off at home then they did in that picture. Please mind yo business. God bless you and your bank account. Do love and hip hop got something against me? Wtf I do to y’all…”

Moneybagg also broke his silence on the matter. “They kno who to target for attention smh don’t even be accurate,” so the “Said Sum” rapper wrote.

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Joc offended Moneybagg and Ari when he posted a photo of Lil Fizz with Omarion‘s ex and kids’ mother Apryl Jones next to a photo of Fizz and Omarion. Also featured in the post was a photo of Moneybagg and Fletcher next to a photo of Moneybagg and G Herbo, Ari’s ex and son’ father. “Just remember ppl want what you have….even ya own ppl,” he wrote in the caption.

In response to his post, people joined in Moneybagg and Ari in clowning Joc. “He got 10 bms and three of them are cousins he needs to relax,” a fan commented. “All I Hear Is Fo I Go Broke Like Jocccc,” another fan added.

Defending Moneybagg, a user wrote, “Herb & Money not friends tho nor did they grow up together Im confused this was literally a meeting in passing.” Someone else blasted Joc and said, “Anything y’all can to disrespect black women unprovoked huh? Crazy.”

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