Millie Bobby Brown ‘had to learn how to speak again’ for major role post Stranger Things

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Millie Bobby Brown, 16, is a rising star in Hollywood and reached ultimate fame as Eleven in Netflix’s popular sci-fi series Stranger Things. Like the rest of the cast her character, one of the main protagonists who has psychokinetic abilities, is American, something the British actress revealed made it difficult for future roles.

I had to learn how to speak again because I’m so used to speaking in an American accent

Millie Bobby Brown

Her latest project is another Netflix original titled Enola Holmes, which sees her play London super sleuth Sherlock Holmes’ little sister.

But changing back to a British accent hadn’t been all that easy.

“For the last five years I’ve been playing an American character in Stranger Things and I found it really challenging being British in this, even though I am a Brit,” she said in a recent interview.

“I had to learn how to speak again because I’m so used to speaking in an American accent!”

The film, which is set to debut on the streaming site on 23 September, was a product of Brown and her sister, who were inspired by a young adult book series by US author Nancy Springer.

“The film was mine and my older sister Paige’s idea. We fell in love with Enola after reading The Enola Holmes Mysteries and so we went to my mum and dad, who own a production company, and said, ‘We’re so inspired by her. This needs to be a film.’

“My sister and I are producers as we felt it was only right to have girl power behind the scenes, too.”

The all star cast includes Henry Cavill as the tenacious Sherlock Holmes and Sam Claflin as Mycroft Holmes.

But the film isn’t just another project for Brown, as she connects to her character on a more personal level as well.

“I could definitely relate to Enola’s brutal honesty, and I really hope that I get to play her for years and years,” she said.

“Loneliness is something that a lot of teenagers suffer with — I myself have — and the film portrays that being alone is a good thing because you can find yourself.

She continued to tell Radio Times: “It shows you don’t have to rely on people or be who they want you to be; you are who you are.”

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There have been several plays on how “Enola” backward spells “alone” which, as explained by Brown, will be a recurring theme for the independent-minded 16-year-old.

Speaking in recent a Zoom interview with Filipino and Singaporean journalists last week, she also noted that this film, her “masterpiece”, is her “coming-of-age” story.

“You know, this is a coming-of-age story about a young girl finding her purpose in life,” she said after revealing she felt she was missing out on opportunities due to her age, gender and experience.

“I’m 16 and I am very busy, it’s very hard to take that time to show myself self-love and self-care.

Brown’s full interview is available to read in Radio Times now. [RADIO TIMES]

“So, when filming this, I definitely learned that it’s okay to do that and find your purpose.”

She smiled: “It’s actually my coming-of-age story as well as Enola’s so we were both really going on a journey together.”

Brown’s full interview is available to read in Radio Times now.

Enola Holmes will be available to watch on Netflix on 23 September.

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