Michael Owens misgivings over David Beckhams style as itd look awful on me

Michael Owen has just launched a clothing line with Peacocks, which he’s revealed is right up his street – but he’s less convinced by David Beckham’s various styles over the years, some of which he insisted would look “awful” on him.

“Back in the day when I was younger, I would have looked at David Beckham and thought, ‘Wow! I wouldn’t look good in some of the things that you’re wearing, mate!'” the 43-year-old exclaimed to Express.co.uk.

Quizzed on whether any specific outfits were in that category, he declared: “Virtually everything he wore! I thought, ‘Oh my word, you pull it off so well, but if I put that on, it’d look awful!'”

David, 48, and Michael once spent an entire season playing together for Real Madrid – and prior to that, back in the late 1990s, the pair were amongst the brightest shining stars of the English football team.

Although Michael insisted that his former team-mate “remains” a “huge style icon”, attracting as much attention for his outfits now as in his earlier years, one particular ensemble stood out for him in particular that he was uncertain about.

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“I do remember something back in the day. Didn’t he come out in a type of dress?” Michael quizzed, probably referring to the famous sarong he donned during the 1998 World Cup in France.

David later told The Telegraph that when he first debuted the look, the public had been “shocked”.

“It was an outrage. ‘Why are you wearing that? What were you thinking?’ [but] today no one bats an eyelid if a guy wears a sarong in the street,” he continued, referring to the wardrobe fluidity that exists today.

David also twinned with his wife the following year when they both showed up at a Gucci show in matching black leather catsuits – something which captivated the fashion crowds.

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These days, his outfits are typically a little more conservative and casual, but in Michael’s eyes, he continues to rock them with style – and though the pundit is usually more likely to give his views on sport rather than fashion, he was happy to open up about David’s look.

“[When I saw the sarong], I thought, ‘Wow, I haven’t seen many people wearing that, and I wouldn’t have the courage to wear it,'” he explained.

“[However], I think he was very fashionable back in the day and he made a lot of fashion statements, not just with his clothes, but with his hair and everything, and he remains a huge style icon [today].”

Now it’s Michael’s turn to try his hand at fashion, as he takes on a television role as a pundit these days, making his personal appearance “one of the most important things” in his life.

The former footie ace, who counts his famous goal against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup as the “most memorable moment” of his career, has launched a collection of classy menswear outfits.

“The guys from Peacocks were really the driving force behind the collection, they’re the experts, but I think they understand me and my look and kind of the classical image that I want,” he explained.

“I don’t run around in a football kit anymore and now my job is to sit in front of live television cameras and talk about football, so my appearance is [paramount.]”

The Michael Owen Edit has been available online and across the 340 Peacocks stores nationwide since 4th September 2023. Peacocks offers fashion for all the family at affordable prices (from £9) and great quality. www.peacocks.co.uk

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