Mary and Marina Gogglebox ages: How old are Mary and Marina from Gogglebox?

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Mary and Marina joined Gogglebox back in 2016 and have since become well-loved members of the series. The pair were absent on our screens in the previous series of Gogglebox after the show continued during lockdown. With the pair back on our screens, what is known of Mary and Marina’s age?

How old are Mary and Marina from Gogglebox?

Mary is the oldest out of the pair. In 2017 she was reported to be 88 which would make her 91-years-old today.

In the same year, Marina was said to be 82-years-old, which would make the star 85 now.

While the Gogglebox stars seem like they have known their whole lives the pair actually first met while living at the St Monica Trust retirement village in Bristol.

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Nine years after first meeting the pair still live with each other and have become known on-screen for their cheeky one-liners.

The pair first joined the show in 2016 and since then have spoken of how the show has changed their lives.

While talking to the St Monica Trust about their success on the show, the pair spoke of the odd situations they have been recognised.

Mary said: “I had my flu jab last month and as I was coming out of the surgery, someone shouted ‘I saw you on the telly!'”

Marina added: “I’ve done four selfies. I went down Weatherspoon’s for a meal, and a young kiddie came up to me and said ‘are you on Gogglebox? I said ‘yeah’, and he asked for a photo. So we had a selfie.

“Others just come up to me in the street, but they’re always a bit sheepish.”

Later in the interview, Mary and Marina revealed they had been scouted for the show while on their way to Asda.

Earlier this year the wine-loving pair did not return to our screens amid the Channel 4 series staying on our screens amid lockdown.

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Back in May, producer Tania Alexander spoke of why it was not possible to film with the full cast.

She told the Telegraph: “Unfortunately, it was not possible to film with the full cast.

“For example, we took the decision to tell Mary and Marina, who are in their 90s and live in a care home, that we didn’t want them put at any risk, so we should stop filming with them altogether.

“The ladies are safe, and well looked after, but often tell us they dearly miss the crews and the fun they have during filming each week.”

However, the new series saw the return of Mary and Marina, which saw many fans of the show praise their return on social media.

One fan wrote: “Delighted to see Mary and Marina back on #Gogglebox.”

Another wrote: “Oh my God!! Mary and Marina are also back. I could cry. You are looking lovely ladies. #Gogglebox.”

Gogglebox will continue on Channel 4 at 9pm on Friday.

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