Marjorie Taylor Greene Talking National Divorce Days Before Twitter Ban

Twitter says it booted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for misinformation — which may well be true — but there’s another scary topic she polished days before Jan. 6 … civil war.

The Georgia congresswoman got permanently suspended from the bird app Sunday, with Twitter honchos saying she’d racked up 5 separate strikes regarding their COVID-19 misinformation policy … the latest violation of which went down on Saturday, per the NYT.

The tweet that apparently pushed her over the edge was about reported deaths from vaccines — and how, from her POV, they were taken way more seriously pre-COVID compared to now … which she suggested was part of some big-government plot.

That was enough for Twitter to turn her account dark … even though she still has her official Congress account. Still, some can’t help but notice the timing and the other recent rhetoric she’s been espousing of late — especially with a terrible national anniversary drawing near.

Of course, we mean the day of the Capitol riots … which happened almost a full 365 days ago starting Thursday — and something MTG appears to have been inviting anew with tweets like the ones she posted a few days ago — where she was talking about a national split.

In response to another tweet about Californians and New Yorkers fleeing their respective states during the pandemic and heading to places like Texas — which the OG tweeter advocated for discriminating against those transplants — Rep. Greene replied dubiously.

She wrote, “All possible in a National Divorce scenario,” going on to bash the people leaving blue states … while also supporting a moratorium on their voting rights once they move. There’s a lot more tweets she’s posted over the past year which seem to have stoked the flames of secession and a repeat of Jan. 6 — but Twitter put its foot down just in time.

In response, MTG called Twitter “an enemy to America” … while once again pushing separatism by saying writing … “[I]t’s time to defeat our enemies … We will overcome!”

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