Mama June Family Crisis Sneak Peek: Is This Whole Thing Fake?

We already covered the emotional premiere of Mama June: Family Crisis, from Alana’s tearful despair to Lauryn’s long-term concerns.

A new sneak peek glimpse at the next episode shows the search for June unfold, but some fans are calling for the show to end … for being fake.

It’s not that anyone thinks that June Shannon hasn’t spent the past year in a dangerous downward spiral of self-destructive behaviors.

Lauryn is clearly sad about it, and probably a little overwhelmed by having to take in her younger sister.

Alana is clearly devastated by the way that her mom abandoned her for Geno. 

Doe Doe is really determined to save her sister from Geno and from herself.

No, the issue that fans are bringing up on social media is that elements of the episode looked a little … not necessarily rehearsed.

There were times when the family seemed downright bored with what they were talking about.

Why? Because they had obviously had all of these conversations multiple times before.

They also know that this conflict is the key to continuing to get money from the show while the titular star, June herself, remains AWOL.

That brings us to this sneak peek clip of the episode that will air on Friday, April 3.

In this video, which have included for you to watch, June’s sister Doe Doe deals with her frustrations after her last lead went nowhere.

Remember how the season premiere showed Doe Doe search at a casino where Shannon had been spotted?

That didn’t pan out, so Doe Doe sits down with Michael “Big Mike” Mclarty to discuss the next step.

Doe Doe and Big Mike are seated at the table.

Mike, who has a full-on swastika tattoo on his arm, is wearing long sleeves to cover it, because apparently WEtv is fine with that.

The waitress does a very convincing job of acting like she has just now recognized Doe Doe from television.

In real life, of course, we know that she would have noticed cameras, producers, and boom mike operators.

Notably, the waitress’ face appears, which means that she must have signed a release to that effect.

Which brings us to the next point — because after she returns with their drinks, she offers her help.

Doe Doe talks about getting stonewalled at the casino, but the waitress says that she has a friend who works there.

She offers to text the friend while Doe Doe and Big Mike enjoy their meal.

Even if we pretend that we don’t know what sort of person Big Mike is, there are real moral issues that viewers are grappling with regarding the show.

Alana is only fourteen years old.

Sure, she can handle an interview or two.

But covering an entire season of her reactions to her mother’s downward — and potentially lethal — spiral is really pushing the bounds of decency.

Obviously, so did WEtv’s decision to employ June in the first place.

Remember, she was fired from TLC and dozens of episodes were buried after she was caught in bed with the man who had molested her daughter, Anna.

Anna had been only 8 years old at the time. The man had gone to prison for it.

And June had then decided to bring this man into her life — and around Alana.

Watching this clip, there is clearly going to be a lot of entertainment this season, even if a lot of conversations are clearly staged.

Fakery won’t get the show canceled — only ratings, a pullout of advertisers, or a widespread viewer backlash are likely to do that.

But it’s a little disturbing to see a family seemingly so numb to strutting out a teen girl to air her trauma.

Doe Doe is an adult, though. If she wants to spice up her search for June with twists and turns, more power to her.

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