Mackenzie McKee on Mom’s Death: I’ll Never Get Over It!

Back in December of 2019, Mackenzie McKee's mom died following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Mackenzie was candid with fans throughout the process, but on Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom OG, she opened up about her best friend's passing like never before.

McKee's storyline revolved entirely around her mother's death, resulting in one of the most emotional episodes in the show's history.

She may be gone, but Angie Douthit's continued spiritual presence was very much on the minds of Mackenzie and her loved ones during the episode.

And we learned a great deal about what made her such an important and beloved figure.

Take a look:

1.Mother and Daughter

2.Everlasting Love

3.Painful Candor

4.Angie Forever

5.Accepting Her Fate

6.A Final Task

7.A Word About Finances

8.Reality Check

9.Daughterly Love

10.One Last Victory

11.A Poignent Present

12.A Difficult Task

13.Grieving Again

14.Reliving the Trauma

15.Muddling Through


17.A Lost Mentor

18.The Worst Hard Time

19.Hope For the Future

20.A New Tradition

21.The Legacy

22.Keeping Her Memory Alive

23.Remembering Angie

24.Honoring a Matriarch

25.The Bright Side

26.Gone, But Not Forgotten

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