Machine Gun Kelly Drops New Single ‘Daywalker!’ Featuring Corpse

Machine Gun Kelly has dropped his first single of 2021, “Daywalker!” featuring YouTuber-turned-recording artist Corpse, also known as Corpse Husband.

The track follows Machine Gun Kelly’s EP Tickets to My Downfall, which dropped last fall.

“Punch that m****rf****r in the face/ You hated what he said, right? Beat his ass, leave him at the stoplight/ I know you wanted change, but nobody’s around/ So, kick him again while he’s on the ground, yo/ I’ll never be the same/ I wanna know if I tell you a secret, will you keep it?” MGK opens the song.

In related news, MGK recently announced that he is releasing a four-piece graphic novel based on his fourth album Hotel Diablo.

(Photo: Alexandre Faraci)

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