Lucy Verasamy: ITV weather star sparks cheeky replies as she gives fans warning ‘Ignore!’

Lucy Verasamy revealed someone was “impersonating” her on Twitter, in an update to her 164,000 followers. The ITV weather forecaster urged fans to “ignore” posts from the unverified account, as she confirmed the main difference.

There’s an unverified Twitter account impersonating me/retweeting: please ignore/block

Lucy Verasamy

The 39-year-old’s important post however sparked a number of cheeky replies from admirers.

She initially uploaded a screenshot of the imposter account, captioning it: “There’s an unverified @twitter account impersonating me/retweeting: please ignore/block.

“I’m @LucyWeather: no underscore _.”

While some took it seriously, others joked about supposed coresspondence they had thought they’d got from her.


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“Gutted, and I’d thought I’d finally scored a date,” one user stated, as another quipped: “So you didn’t ask me out then.”

A third went on: “I was a bit surprised by your DM earlier… oh well at least I know now.”

While one fan simply told her: “There’s only 1 Lucy V.”(sic)

But some did share her concerns, and said they would help her by reporting the issue.

Two messages read: “Went to report & block but it’s already suspended,” and: “What is wrong with some people? Lunatic.”

“I have already done it Lucy. How are you doing? I hope you are ok. Please stay safe,” one urged.

Another user said: “Well obviously! As if you’d only have 23 followers, that’s a give away in itself.”

Lucy also took the opportunity to respond to colleague and weatherman, Chris Page, who spoke of how he was filling his time in lockdown.


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“Next job. Window washing! #StayHomeSaveLives,” he informed, alongside a snapshot of his home with ladder in place.

He then continued: “What we moving onto next? Mojito? Wine? Beer?”

It was then Lucy got involved and urged him to turn to “Margaritas!”.

Over the weekend she teased her plans during the coronavirus lockdown, while giving followers news on the forecast.


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Lucy shared a snapshot of her adorable pet pooch sniffing some of her house plants that were bathed in sunshine.

“Indoor sunshine is better than no sunshine,” she said.

She shared a link, offering advice with the headline: “The benefits of spring sunshine amid the coronavirus outbreak.”

It read: “Natural light in the home has big health benefits; from the way our bodies function day-to-day, to our physical and psychological wellbeing.”

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