Lucy Spraggan age: How old is X Factor star Lucy Spraggan?

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Lucy Spraggan first hit our screens in 2012 when she sang her self written hit song Last Night on The X Factor, which then went viral. The singer appeared on Lorraine today as she spoke of her new single Sober. But how old is the musician?

How old is X Factor star Lucy Spraggan?

Lucy is 29-years-old having been born on July 21, 1991.

She rose to fame back in 2012 after she auditioned for popular singing contest The X Factor.

At the time she sang her self written song Last Night which soon became a hit with the audience as she performed it.

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While appearing on Lorraine today, Lucy spoke of how she is writing a book about her life since her X Factor appearance.

She said: “I’m writing a book that talks quite openly about the things I’ve been through.

“My experience on The X Factor, being open about the reason why I left and things like that.

“That’s actually been quite cathartic, as well as being sober and doing the fitness.”

In 2014 spoke of her experience on The X Factor to Birmingham Live.

She said: “It is completely mental sometimes and I think what would it have been like if I hadn’t been on X Factor.

“But then I did do it, I have an album, I have a lot of fun, and that’s my career.”

She later spoke of how her experience on the show led her to want to keep out of the spotlight.

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She later added: “I think going on a show like that was an opportunity and the biggest lesson in social awareness and how we perceive things, how the media works and learning about yourself.

“You see other people flipping and people losing their grounding.

“It was important to see that no matter how my career goes now I will always be aware of that.

“I have seen how the limelight can break people.”

Lucy married partner Georgina Gordon in 2016, but after three years of marriage, the couple split in November 2019.

Talking of their split to the Mail Online in May, Lucy explained how she has coped with their divorce.

She said: “Divorce is a bit rough! It’s ongoing now, so I don’t ever want to say too much as I don’t want to stick a spanner in the works in regards to that.

“Me and my ex didn’t work, we did fostering for a little bit, I was the sort of breadwinner so divorce is fun yeah!”

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