LeBron Calls Bulls*** On Suspension After Isaiah Stewart Elbow

LeBron James Seems furious he was booted from a game and then suspended, saying he never intended to bloody an opponent.

LeBron calls, “bulls**” on officials who took action against him, for elbowing detroit pistons forward Isaiah stewart last sunday.

The injury was gnarly, and Isaiah went after LeBron, sending both men back to the lockerroom. Officials called the elbow intentional.

LeBron begs to differ, calling the incident accidental … adding he simply “grazed” Stewart’s face.

LeBron said, “His elbow got kinda high, got me off balance a little bit. His elbow lifted my arm. I basically tried to swim move down on his arm. When I went down on his arm, he got off balance, and the left side of my hand grazed his face … definitely accidental.”

He said he could understand why he was booted from the game, but really kind of blaming Stewart, saying, “I thought it warranted an ejection because of what happened after that” — referring to the fight, adding, “but a suspension, I diidn’t think it was warranted. But the league made that call.”

He told ESPN’s Dave Menamin,  “I mean, it’s some bulls***. But whatever.”

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