Laurence Fox sparks fury by comparing unvaccinated Strictly pros to ‘HIV positive dancers

Coronavirus restrictions: Laurence Fox joins London protests

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Laurence Fox, 42, has found himself at the centre of scrutiny after weighing in on the current controversy surrounding Strictly Come Dancing stars’ vaccination status. In a controversial tweet shared with his 298,000 followers, the Reclaim Party leader appeared to draw a comparison between unvaccinated dancers and HIV positive people.

Laurence quote-tweeted a post from political journalist Andrew Pierce, who was calling for the reportedly unvaccinated professional dancers to get fired.

The tweet read: “2 professional dancers from @bbcstrictly refuse to have @covid vaccine.

“Sack them and replace them with jabbed dancers.”

Laurence added: “Would you apply the same rules to HIV positive dancers?”

Sexual Health charity Terrence Higgins Trust responded to Laurence’s tweet in a bid to avoid the spread of dangerous misinformation.

The charity explained that HIV, unlike coronavirus, was not transmitted by general contact.

It wrote: “This is not comparable — HIV is not passed on by dancing.

“Nor is it passed on by spitting, sneezing or coughing, kissing or general social contact.

“People on effective treatment #CantPassItOn and can live long and healthy lives.”

Laurence’s tweet quickly sparked outrage amongst Twitter users, who took to the platform to criticise his inaccurate remark.

JonNicholas2017 tweeted: “As far as I know, none of the routines require sharing of intimate bodily fluids.

“The diseases you see are transmitted in quite different ways, or do you think the thousands who have perished were having unsafe sex.?”

Allanglass5 added: “Old enough to remember when we were scared to go near HIV positive people or even drink out the same cup.

“Or the shock when Princess Diana cuddled an infected person…

“Short memories and when the facts and truth was out we realised it was all nonsense.

“Time reveals truth.” (sic)

E_D_Freeman wrote: “Laurence why do you insist on constantly embarrassing yourself…

“Google how Covid and HIV are transmitted.”

SBoona chimed in: “Last time I checked HIV wasn’t airborne.

“You aren’t covering yourself in glory here..”

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