Kylie Jenner Just Admitted That She Eats Pineapple On Her Pizza

Kylie Jenner has always made it clear that she loves to indulge in her favorite foods. Jenner consistently works out and stays in great shape, but she’s always been more liberal with her diet than her sisters have. But Jenner just revealed that she’s a fan of one of the most controversial cheat day meals: pineapple on pizza.

Kylie Jenner has been doing plenty of cooking during quarantine

Celebrities have been spending all their time at home justlike the rest of us, and Jenner is no exception. Since the stay-at-home orders firstbegan several weeks ago, Jenner has been testing out her cooking skills.Surprisingly, the beauty mogul has always had a love for cooking.

Jenner has showed off plenty of her culinary creations, including her avocado toast with honey and her super easy banana pancakes. She’s also baked plenty of cakes, including a lemon pound cake and decorative cupcakes.

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Jenner loves to indulge in unhealthy foods

Jenner doesn’t eat the way her sisters do. Although she keeps herself healthy, she doesn’t shy away from the junk foods that she craves. She’ll often post photos of meals such as chicken tenders and pizza to her Instagram story, and we love to see it — it normalizes her a bit.

Jenner once said that she doesn’t like visiting fancy restaurants, as they often have menu items that don’t appeal to her. She’s much happier sticking with the childhood favorites she’s always loved. Even in quarantine, most of Jenner’s meals that she’s showed off to fans haven’t been super healthy, and it’s nice to know she’s not a celebrity who follows bizarre diet trends.

She recently revealed she’s a fan of pineapple on pizza

Jenner posted an Instagram story on April 19, which some might have seen as controversial: It was a photo of a pizza topped with pepperoni and pineapple. Jenner’s fans have long known that pizza is one of her favorites, though she’s never posted a photo featuring pineapple on top. The controversial junk food has always had people at odds, with some stating it’s utterly gross while others think the sweetness of the pineapple contrasts perfectly with the saltiness of the overall dish.

Jenner didn’t caption the image, and she hasn’t outwardly stated that she likes pineapple on pizza. Only a portion of the pie was covered in fruit, so it’s possible that she was sharing it with a pineapple pizza lover (Travis Scott, perhaps?) but doesn’t actually like the dish herself.

Jenner admitted she’s been trying new things during quarantine

Pineapple pizza might have been Jenner’s newest venture in trying things she isn’t used to. The Kylie Cosmetics founder has been cooking up plenty of tasty meals, and she recently showed off her brand new garden on her Instagram story.

In the video, Jenner saidthat quarantine has had her “doing a lot of sh*t I wouldn’t normally do”but that she’s always wanted to plant a garden. Maybe she thought now was thetime to also try putting fruit on top of sauce and cheese.  

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