“Kim Kardashian is getting the Hidden Hills Sunken Place in the divorce” links

Apparently, Kim Kardashian is keeping the Hidden Hills home in the divorce. That was the house they redesigned to look like a very bland Sunken Place. [Dlisted]
Lou Diamond Phillips has great sweaters and turtlenecks on Prodigal Son, they really style him well on that show. [GFY]
Naomi Smalls shares her 70-step drag transformation. [OMG Blog]
This jacket on Kate Hudson is quite… something. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Review of Netflix’s Moxie. [Pajiba]
Paul Bettany didn’t think WandaVision would be so successful. [JustJared]
Underlining the point yet again, it’s hard to believe that the Duchess of Sussex decided to wear those earrings all on her own. [LaineyGossip]
A generation without wealth does not want babies. [Jezebel]
The Trump Pentagon was to blame for the National Guard delay on Jan. 6. [Buzzfeed]
90 Day Fiance stars are now living in an RV. [Starcasm]

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