Kevin Spacey Rushed To Hospital, Feared Heart Attack While At Film Festival

kevin spacey

Kevin Spacey feared he could be suffering a very serious medical emergency overseas … rushing to the hospital after having symptoms of a heart attack.

Spacey spoke about the health scare in Uzbekistan at the Tashkent International Film Festival during its closing ceremony Monday night … saying his entire arm went numb for about 8 seconds while taking a tour of the Afrasiyab Museum in the city of Samarkand earlier in the day.

Fearing he was having a heart attack, Kevin says he raced to the hospital.

Lucky for Kevin, and festival organizers, he ended up being fine — and was able to attend the festival and give a speech later that night.

Spacey said that frightening ordeal made him appreciate life a lot more … and congratulated the filmmakers at the festival for all the hard work they do to tell their stories. He also applauded the festival for providing opportunities for upcoming storytellers to grow.

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As you know, Spacey has been out of the Hollywood limelight since being accused and eventually cleared of sexually assaulting multiple men. The former “House of Cards” star said earlier this week his best roles were still to come, announcing his comeback in the capital of Tashkent over the weekend.

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