Kelz From ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Is Even Taller Than You Think

It’s easy to slip into voyeur mode when watching Too Hot To Handle. The show that offers its various hot people contestants prize money for not hooking up over the course of 30 days likely splits its viewers into two schools of thinking: either they think adhering to the rules is pointless, and these hot people should just enjoy a free tropical vacation, or they think this wacky game is a free path to easy money.

One of the show’s biggest personalities is Kelz—real name Kelechi Dyke—and he clearly sides with the latter group. It doesn’t take long for the very tall and very confident Kelz to dub himself “The Accountant.” His focus isn’t on hooking up anymore, he tells us—he’s all about the Benjamins. And he wants as many of them as possible. An accountant doing accountant things, obviously.

In fact, the closest Kelz, 28, came to being involved in any drama was during his brief flirtation with Francesca, when she and Harry were momentarily not together. Lana set the potential pair up on a date, and while Francesca wanted to take things further than just flirting, Kelz declined. The Accountant had his eyes on that (ever-decreasing) prize pool of money.

But while some of the show’s contestants who didn’t get too romantically involved with anyone else either drifted into the background (like Ireland-native Nicole) or got kicked off the show (like Haley and late-arrival Madison), Kelz maintained a constant presence throughout the show. His big personality—and big stature—probably make that a natural happening. But there’s more to Kelz than what we just saw on the show, and we’re going to get into that for you right now.

Kelz is 6’6”.

It’s never totally clear in the show because we don’t have a proper scale, but Kelz is super tall. According to his Twitter bio, he’s 6’6”, which probably does him well for his career playing football in London. For more on that, keep on reading.

He lives in London, but he plays American Football.

On his Instagram, you can find a number of photos of Kelz playing and training with his football team, the London Warriors. While it’s certainly not at the level of the United States’ NFL, it’s a high-level team nonetheless; players who previously spent time with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys, among others, have spent time with the Warriors.

People on the show refer to Kelz as a “linebacker” and make reference to his massive height, and you can see it on display in some of his Instagrams in uniform and with his teammates.

Back in 2018, long before Too Hot To Handle, Kelz posted a photo with Cleveland Browns star Odell Beckham Jr. “If They Saw us coming… Balling Out🏈JustTrynaMakeIt… #odellbeckhamjr @iam_objxiii,” he wrote in the post’s caption. Even though he’s playing across the pond, it’s clear that Kelz cares a lot about the inherently American sport and its biggest stars.

On Too Hot To Handle, he goes by Kelz—but his real name is Kelechi Dyke.

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While he goes by Kelz on the show and is never identified by anything else, it’s clear from his social media accounts that his real name is Kelechi Dyke.

Considering he’s one of the most positively-portrayed characters in the show, it’s no surprise to see that he’s loving the show and enjoying everyone’s reactions to it. He even posted a video on the show’s launch day addressing his fans—and the Tweet already got more than 2,000 retweets.


He keeps active on Twitter and Instagram

As mentioned above, Kelz is super active on both Twitter and Instagram. While his Twitter feed has mostly consisted of retweeting memes, he did use his feed to thank fans and to comment on the current COVID-19 crisis.

“This is a survival of the fittest, you either learn to adapt and develop, or you will be left behind. #COVID19,” he wrote on April 8th. A few days later, on April 12th, he quote tweeted rapper Gucci Mane, who had said that he prays his haters “die of corona virus,” and added a voice of reason: “Your haters are other people’s loved ones,” he wrote.

This is a survival of the fittest, you either learn to adapt and develop, or you will be left behind. #COVID19

Your haters are other people’s loved ones💭

On Instagram, he’s racked up more than 156,000 followers, and has been posting much more frequently. It’s also clear that he is very into his nickname of “The Accountant,” as he references it or hashtags it on nearly every post on both Instagram and Twitter. “Sun, pool, tropical location , that’s 3k well spent. . #theaccountant #toohottohandle,” he wrote in a recent post, referencing Too Hot To Handle‘s already-infamous $3,000 deduction for kisses.

Kelz when he finds out that someone went to fornicate behind his back #TooHotTooHandle

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