Jose Canseco Trolls Alex Rodriguez Over Jennifer Lopez Relationship

After multiple reports came out that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke up, it caused quite a stir on the internet.

Though neither issued a personal announcement confirming a split, people immediately started speculating on the cause of their problems. In addition to fans and netizens sharing their opinions, Jose Canseco aired out his thoughts about about one of the world’s most famous celebrity relationships.

Untrue J.Lo and A-Rod breakup news almost broke the internet

Initial reports that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez ended their engagement hit the web on March 12.

It was a hot topic on Twitter with some fans expressing shock and sadness over the idea that the pair’s love story came to an end. No engagement, no wedding, and no more cute photos of them as a blended family.

Following the first few headlines, multiple outlets reported that A-Rod and J.Lo were done due to the Madison LeCroy “scandal.” Some accused Rodriguez of being unfaithful, and others reported that for Lopez, a breakup was inevitable.

However, as of March 13, Lopez and Rodriguez refute claims that they’ve broken up and issued a joint statement to People: “We are working through some things.”

Jose Canseco tweeted jabs toward Alex Rodriguez

When social media caught wind of the breaking “breakup” news, it did not go unnoticed by Jose Canseco.

He launched a series of tweets that served as insults toward Rodriguez and flirty behavior toward Lopez. But it started with him referencing a remark he made in January about their relationship.

It didn’t stop there. Canseco took a number of shots at Rodriguez. One tweet read, “Next girl you see a rod with will be a 25 to 30 year old hot fitness model the truth hurts.” Another said, “I guarantee you that Alex Rodriguez will be tried to get ahold of my ex wife Jessica very soon if he has not done it by now.”

Canseco decided to shoot his shot with Lopez too, and at one point joked that he’d fight for her, but his shoulders are messed up.

Canseco has a history of trolling A-Rod

For more than a decade, Jose Canseco’s made a point to show contempt for Rodriguez. Much of it started when he released his 2008 memoir, Vindicated. In it, he accused the former Yankees star of using performance-enhancing drugs, and claimed he set up a meeting between A-Rod and a steroids seller.

In 2019, Canseco also accused Rodriguez of cheating on J.Lo with his ex-wife, Jessica Canseco. That too involved a string of shady tweets such as “I was there a few months back with her when he called her on her phone.”

He also urged Rodriguez to stop cheating and being a “piece of sh*t.” He then posted a phone number and directed Lopez to call him for details.

While Jessica Canseco denied those rumors, Canseco has still taken aim at A-Rod. With Twitter as his medium of choice, he used the platform in 2020 to wish everyone Happy Easter — except Alex Rodriguez. Both Lopez and A-Rod continue to ignore Canseco.

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