Joe Rogan Had Some Nice Things to Say About Logan Paul's Fighting Skills

Joe Rogan is one of the most famous personalities in the UFC. Fans love listening to Rogan because he is so knowledgeable about fighting in the UFC as he’s been doing his job for so long. And, in regards to famous YouTuber Logan Paul, Rogan actually has some nice things to say about him.

Joe Rogan thinks Logan Paul is crazy

As Rogan said on his podcast, Paul is a famous YouTube millionaire who really doesn’t need to be doing what he’s been recently doing, which is combat sports. Combat sports, especially the UFC, are notorious for not being a very profitable sport, especially for people who aren’t at the top of the food chain.

In fact, some of the less famous UFC fighters can expect to make $12,000 to fight. Boxing is a bit different, but still, regardless, Paul is putting himself out there, risking injury, training with real fighters, and then fighting in real fights.

Although in his two most famous fights, which were his fights against fellow YouTuber, KSI, Paul didn’t win either fight, that didn’t stop Rogan from thinking that he’s crazy. That’s because, as Rogan said, Paul is participating in many other types of combat sports too. For example, on his podcast, Rogan watched a video of Paul knocking a man out with a single slap. This showed Rogan how crazy and powerful Paul is.

Logan Paul has athletic talents too

On top of that display of strength, Rogan was impressed by Paul’s wrestling abilities. Like Rogan mentioned, Paul actually wrestled in high school, and he wasn’t a JV wrestler either. Paul actually made it to Division I wrestling, which is simply very high level stuff. Wrestling skills also happen to be a very important skill in the UFC, so Rogan knows his stuff when he praised Paul’s wrestling abilities. 

Furthermore, Rogan was impressed by Paul’s willingness to train with some of the most talented fighters in the UFC. In particular, Paul sparred with Paulo Costa. Costa is going to be fighting for the middleweight title soon. 

Additionally, despite not winning a single boxing match against KSI, Paul demonstrated decent boxing skills for someone who is just a YouTuber. Paul never got knocked out by KSI either. Paul actually fought KSI to a draw in their first match and in their rematch, Paul lost to KSI due to the judges’ scorecards. 

At just 24 years old, Paul is still young and he can still pursue combat sports seriously if he wants to. And right now, like Rogan said on his podcast, it does seem like he will. 

What’s next for Logan Paul

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Rogan didn’t talk about Paul joining the UFC, likely because it won’t happen anytime soon. That said, Rogan knows that the seeds are all there, it’s just a matter of waiting for that plant to sprout. Paul is athletically talented and he’s also training in all the necessary martial arts for the UFC. But, even if joining the UFC isn’t his dream, Rogan says that Paul may have a fight on the horizon.

According to Rogan and his podcast guest, Brendan Schaub, Paul may be fighting Dillon Danis in a boxing match in the near future. Danis is one of Conor McGregor’s best friends and training partners, although Danis doesn’t currently fight in the UFC. Danis is also not a boxer, as he mostly competes in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. 

Paul and Danis both have beef, so that’s why Rogan and Schaub think that they may fight each other soon. If and when it happens though, Rogan, as well as many UFC fans, will probably tune in to watch. 

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