Jim Edmonds Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Warns: “Do Not Take This Lightly”

Jim Edmonds is a former Major League Baseball player who, some believe, once made the greatest catch in sports history.

Now, however, Edmonds has caught something very different:


This is celebrity gossip news because Edmonds was formerly married to Meghan King Edmonds, a prominent member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… until her departure in 2017.

Jim and Meghan split in October after five years of marriage amid rumors that he cheated on her with their nanny.

The two have siince gone back and forth in ugly fashion, each accusing the other of inappropriate behavior.

In November, Jim confirmed he had moved out and was trying to move on with his life.

Now, however, Jim is facing a very different kind of obstacles.

“I appreciate everyone who has said well wishes and wished me the best,” the 49-year old said in his Instagram Story upon announcing his diagnosis.

Edmonds added:

“I did test positive for pneumonia and I did get a test back positive for the virus. I am completely symptom-free now and doing really well, so I must have had it for awhile before I got tested.”

The ex-athlete went on to say he is thankful he “listened to what everyone else said” by quarantining himself.

“[My] daughter has been tested, she is waiting for results but symptom-free,” he explained.

“We are all doing really well here…

“I’ve been cleaning the garage and losing my mind, but in all fairness, [I’m doing] really good and am happy to be symptom-free and doing greet.”

The polarizing figure, who was also accused of infidelity last summer, urged his social media followers to treat the Coronavirus pandemic seriously.

“Do not take this lightly,” he said.

“If you do not feel good, go to the doctor, go to the emergency room if you can. … They didn’t want to test me and I forced them to take me into the emergency room and lo and behold, pneumonia and the virus, so don’t take it lightly.

“Take care of yourself. There’s no medicine, nothing but rest. That’s all I’ve been doing.”

Covid-19 has thus far killed close to 4,000 Americans.

The most famous names to have been diagnosed include Tom Hanks, Andy Cohen and Idris Elba.

Beloved artist and songwriter Adam Schlesinger died yesterday at the age of 52 due to complications from the disease.

Last month, meanwhile, Meghan King Edmonds, explained how they estranged spouses are handling custody of their kids — Aspen, 3, and twins Hart and Hayes, 21 months — amid the coronavirus spread.

“At the advice of our pediatrician, we have decided that our kids are gonna stay where they were when this whole safer-at-home started,” the Real Housewives of Orange County alum revealed on her March 24 Instagram Story.

She concluded:

“It was with me, so they’re gonna stay with me until this passes. Stay safe, guys.”

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