Jillian Michaels Says She Had COVID-19, Warns About Gyms Reopening

Jillian Michaels says letting her guard down for one hour was all it took for her to catch the coronavirus … and she’s warning folks about going back inside public gyms.

The fitness guru just went public for the first time with her coronavirus diagnosis, telling Fox Business host Liz Claman she contracted COVID-19 several weeks ago.

Jillian says her mistake was thinking she’d be fine because she was around a close friend who was asymptomatic, but had the virus. Jillian says she herself didn’t know she had COVID for 6 days.

Her warning sounds similar to what The Rock said when he recently revealed he and his entire family tested positive for the virus. Again, they were with close family friends.

Jillian knows she was fortunate to quickly recover, saying she was really healthy when she contracted the virus, but knows many people aren’t in the same boat.

With New York City preparing to re-open public gyms, Jillian says people afraid of catching COVID shouldn’t go there to work out because she sees it as an environment ripe for spreading the bug.

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