Jeris Johnson, Bring Me The Horizon Team Up On ‘Can You Feel My Heart?’ Remix

In collaboration with Bring Me the Horizon, TikTok star Jeris Johnson has delivered a fresh remix of the British rock band’s single “Can You Feel My Heart?”

“We are redefining the way rock does things and people are noticing,” Johnson said of the collab. “I’ll never stop no matter how many people it pisses off. We are taking this shit over by the end of 2021, that’s all,” the Tik Tok star wrote on Twitter.

The new song, teased by Oli Sykes on TikTok last week, is now available on Spotify and other streaming services.

Speaking about collaborating with Bring Me the Horizon, Johnson told Alternative Press, “I got a hold of them and sent off the track just the way I had it. Then, we just started going back and forth. They would send a version, I’d send a new one back and we just did that a few times until it felt right.”

“They were so dope to work with ’cause they were just so open to letting me go nuts with any ideas I had. That mentality is what rock needs—an open mind and an adventurous spirit,” he added.

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