Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez: Back Together ALREADY?!

No one was really surprised when Jennifer Lopez dumped Alex Rodriguez last week.

After all, the Yankee legend retired from baseball back in 2016, but he still spends a lot of time playing the field, if you know what we mean.

But if the latest reports about J-Lo and A-Rod’s relationsip turn out to be true — well, that would be an absolute shocker.

According to a new report from TMZ, Lopez and Rodriguez are working on their relationship — and the work is paying off big time!

The pair jetted off to the Domincan Republic this week with the hope of ironing out their issues in private.

Unfortunately, privacy doesn’t exist at that level of fame, and paparazzi managed to snap a photo of the two icons locking lips.

Obviously, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re back together, but does J-Lo strike you as the type to kiss a guy she’s still pissed at?

We didn’t think so.

Anyway, insiders say Alex basically begged Jennifer not to dump him, and it seems she finally gave in — but not necessarily because he talked such a good game.

Sources tell TMZ that J-Lo and A-Rod are basically staying together for the kids.

We know what you’re thinking — they don’t have any kids together.

That’s true, but they both have kids from previous relationships, and it seems the those children have formed some close, blended-family bonds.

Jen’s 13-year-old twins, Emme and Max, and A-Rod’s teenage daughters, 16-year-old Natasha and 12-year-old Ella have all become close over the course of several holidays and family vacations together.

Insiders say the kids were devastated by news of their parents’ breakup, and J-Lo felt motivated to try and make it work for their sake.

“There were many tears,” a witness says of the moment when Lopez and Rodriguez told the kids of their breakup.

Before flying off to join Jen in the DR, Alex confirmed that he and his estranged fiancee are not entirely broken up.

“We are working through some things,” he told a TMZ cameraman.

Those things, of course, include the rumors of A-Rod’s infidelity.

As you’ve probably heard by now, there have been indications that Rodriguez had an affair with Madison LeCroy, known for her role on the Bravo reality show Southern Charm.

A-Rod has declined to comment, and Madison maintains that her friendship with the controversial baseball star was purely platonic.

Given Alex’s history of infidelity in other relationships, Jen was understandably skeptical.

While it’s unclear if Alex ever admitted that he’d been unfaithful — or if Jen did any digging of her own — it seems Lopez ultimately decided that the infraction wasn’t serious enough to bring an immediate end to the relationship.

It remains to be seen what the future hold for these two, but for now, it seems they’re both determined to at least try and make this relationship work.

Alex might be spending the rest of his life with a tracking device in his shoe, but that’s a small price to pay for the forgiveness of Queen J-Lo.

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