Jenna Dewan Poses For RIDICULOUSLY Sexy Post-Baby Body Lingerie Pic! Look!

Jenna Dewan has got it going on… and all just a few months after giving birth, mind you!

The 39-year-old dancer and actress is making our heads spin with a new lingerie picture. The shot was posted to Instagram by baby daddy and fiancé Steve Kazee (lucky guy!!!), and his “#hotmom” hashtag in the caption is right on point.

As you can see (below), the 44-year-old poppa is beyond proud of Jenna — and the super-sexy outfit doesn’t hurt, either:

Holy smokes! GET IT, GIRL!!!

Seriously, Dewan’s sexy snap had everybody in the comments section going CRAZY!

She herself got in on it, coyly commenting “once a dancer, always a dancer,” but even beyond the Step Up star’s own reaction, the world couldn’t help themselves. Here are just a few of the jaws that dropped in response to that IG post (below):

“She is so beautiful! So happy for you both!”



“I mean, HOW??!! It’s not fair how stunning she is!”

“@jennadewan you keep rocking it girl. #hotmom”

“Ummm, I think I just switched teams. ????????????”

“Yeahhhhh that girl’s a babe!”

“There is a God!”

“Hot Mom Alert!!!!???????????? She’s fabulous!”

Not gonna lie, they’re all correct! She looks GREAT!

And again, this is just six months after son Callum was born. Whatever Channing Tatum‘s ex has been doing to look so confident, we are here for it!

It’s kind of inspiring, too, because she’s not the only one in that family getting fit. As we recently reported, Kazee has lost nearly 20 pounds in the last few months, too! What’s going on over there?! Permanent fitness boot camps?! The most disciplined nutrition plan EVER?? Whatever it is, it’s working! Send some of that willpower and determination over to us, y’all!

Next up for this super-sexy pair: tying the knot! These two got engaged back in February, about a month before welcoming their son into the world, and soon it’ll be time to make things official! Of course, they’re on record saying there’s no rush, and they’d rather enjoy their time with Callum for now. Understandable! But soon, wedding bells!

Anyway, what’d y’all think about Jenna’s super-sexy lingerie-adorned post-baby bod, y’all?? Inspiring AF, isn’t it?!

PS — Based on this picture, we totally wouldn’t be surprised if these two make another surprise pregnancy announcement in a few months. LOLz!!! Just kidding! Kind of…

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