Jeffree Star Is Back On YouTube – With Claims Of Someone Impersonating His Ex Online?!

Where Jeffree Star goes, drama is always sure to follow.

Seriously, has there ever been a time in the makeup guru’s career where he didn’t have to explain away some shadiness? This time, after about a month’s hiatus from YouTube, the controversial entrepreneur had some stories to tell about his ex Andre Marhold.

You may remember Andre as the guy who allegedly robbed and then ghosted the YouTube personality. The two got in a bit of a back-and-forth on Instagram after Jeffree publicly accused Andre, who then threatened to “ruin” his ex in return.

Alluding to the relationship, the 34-year-old said:

“I was recently hanging out with someone — some would call it dating. Some would call it f**king. I was hanging out with someone. We are not hanging out anymore and there was a lot of online activity about it, and long story short is a random person made a fake account of Andre and proceeded to make up a bunch of crazy stuff about me for, like, we’re going on like a week plus now.”

He continued:

“Now most people have common sense and they know that it wasn’t real, but it was convincing for a minute and now they’re scamming people out of money and it’s turned into a whole crazy legal thing, but I can’t believe people were falling for fake news, posting about it. So if you’re a news site, and you mention anything that the fake profiles said as facts… see you in court.”

It’s unclear exactly which account is supposed to be fake news — the one that accused Jeffree of cheating on his ex Nate Schwandt? It’s also not clear what fake news Jeffree is threatening to sue over… surely not the well-researched article detailing multiple alleged sexual assaults and incidents of violence? No social media accusations have been nearly so disturbing as those.

In any case, he went on:

“Now, I get it. It’s my job. It’s what I signed up for, but to hear crazy rumors about ‘Jeffree does meth,’ ‘Jeffree has AIDS, ‘Jeffree has this,’ ‘Jeffree does this’ — I was like, what in the actual f**k? … But the internet is a little cuckoo this year, so now that that’s over and that person is being prosecuted, it’s been a very interesting time. So, all those fake accounts, we found out who you were. Thank god for IP addresses and law enforcement. Never a dull moment.”

Hmm… we’ll take Jeffree’s word for it on this one we guess, though we can’t help but wonder if we’re getting the full story here. Could this whole “fake news” business be a cover up for the information that was supposed to “ruin” Star?

Not that we’re mentioning “anything the fake profiles said as facts,” just some idle speculation…

Ch-ch-check out Jeffree’s full return to YouTube (below):

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