Jason Manford driving elderly to appointments as he volunteers during pandemic

Jason Manford made headlines when it emerged that he had applied for a job at Tesco at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

And it turns out he’s been doing even more behind the scenes.

The comedian has been driving OAPs to their appointments in Stockport, while volunteering over the past five weeks.

The 38-year-old has revealed he has been driving for the Community Transport Network’s Stockport Car Scheme, after he snapped a selfie with a man whose neighbour he was picking up.

Andrew Wilson of Stockport snapped a picture – while social distancing, of course, with Jason, who was wearing a high vis jacket, and wrote: ‘When @JasonManford turns up to pick up your elderly neighbour for her appointment #hero.’

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Jason shared the selfie to Instagram and joked: ‘Gotta says I’m getting used to these 2 metre selfies! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to letting people into my personal space!’

When asked on Twitter if he had been recognised much while volunteering, The Masked Singer star said: ‘That’s actually my first selfie. The people are often elderly so don’t really know who I am. It’s actually really lovely just to have a normal chat with someone.’

The father-of-six has been volunteering since his touring play Curtains got cancelled due to coronavirus on 16 April, and has also teamed up with Iceland to work a driving shift, in exchange for a donation to the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, which Jason is a patron of.

Iceland offered him the job after Manford shared that he had been rejected by Tesco for a customer assistant job.

Jason joked that he was ‘absolutely livid’ that he had been turned down after being notified that he had not been successful, but attracted criticism from people who believed the jobs should be left free for those who need them. 

The comedian hit back, explaining that he had applied for the role seven weeks ago, when he believed that the supermarkets would be swamped.

He wrote on Instagram: ‘I applied 7 weeks ago when I thought, like everyone, it was basically wartime and it would require all hands on deck. “Curtains” got cancelled on the 16th & I applied on the 21st fo quite a few jobs). I have since managed to fill my “spare time” doing some volunteer driving (this is not ‘virtue signalling’, just defending myself!) and homeschooling 6 kids (and doing our little quizzes and kids’ comedy clubs!) and being made to clean my own house by my wife. 

‘At the same time I also don’t believe “we’re all this together”. I’m more aware than ever the differences in society & chatting to some of the people I’ve driven the last few weeks has only highlighted how hard the lockdown has been for people with less money and space. I feel extremely fortunate.’

Jason is still working at Absolute Radio, telling a Twitter follower that it is his ‘only source of income right now’.

The star joins a growing list of stars who have taken up extra work or returned to frontline jobs to do their bit during the pandemic.

Love Island’s Alex George is on the frontline as an NHS doctor, while Anna Vakili is back working at a pharmacy and Rachel George is back working as a nurse after testing negative for coronavirus.

EastEnders star Louisa Lytton has been volunteering on the phones for the NHS, as Game Of Thrones’ Michael Condron joined Asda to work as a delivery driver and Misfits star Lauren Socha started work at a care home. 

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