James Argent’s huge transformation after 13st weight loss and surgery

Since he first appeared on our TV screens back in 2010, James (Arg) Argent has undergone a remarkable transformation.

From the highs and lows of reality TV to his battle with weight, his journey has been both public and inspiring. As he embarks on the gruelling challenge of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, we take a closer look at his transformation.

Arg, an original cast member of The Only Way is Essex, entered the show in a relationship with Lydia Bright. However, his early years on the reality series were marred by controversy, leading to his suspension in 2014 due to alleged drug test failure.

In 2015, Arg decided to change his lifestyle and sought rehabilitation, even spending Christmas at The Priory, where Katie Price had previously sought treatment. He later described this decision as "the best" he ever made.

His journey towards fitness and well-being continued in 2016 when he attended two weight loss retreats, one in Norfolk and the other in Ibiza. This marked a turning point as he shed weight, dropping from 19st 1lb to 16st and reducing his waist from 48 to 40 inches.

Arg's dedication was evident as he committed to early morning workouts. He confessed to occasional lapses but was delighted with the three-stone weight loss, feeling like a "new man."

However, by the end of 2016, Arg admitted he still felt "unfit" but was determined to continue his journey to better health.

In 2017, he headed to a rehab facility in Thailand for ten weeks, where he lost another stone. Activities like Muay Thai boxing, jungle trekking, abseiling, and zip-lining kept him active and helped him shed weight. His dedication to healthy eating and fitness showed promising results.

Arg's on-again, off-again relationship with Gemma Collin s took a toll, but the couple reconciled. He temporarily stepped away from TOWIE to focus on therapy and care for his well-being.

Despite some controversies, including fat-shaming Gemma on social media, the couple moved forward. However, in April 2019, weight loss expert Steven Miller expressed concerns about Arg's health, warning of potential risks.

Arg took up boxing to kick-start his weight loss and publicly committed to regaining control of his weight. Dr. Ranj's revelation of his significant obesity on This Morning strengthened his resolve, indicating that he needed to lose 10 stone and drop 17 inches from his waist.

In August 2019, as part of Stand Up To Cancer, Arg prepared to swim the English Channel. He revealed a shocking ten-stone weight gain in the past two years, attributed to pandemic-related binge-eating.

Although the team couldn't complete the entire channel swim, Arg expressed his commitment to returning to the gym and hinted at exciting plans for 2020.

His journey continued into 2020 as he underwent rehab in Thailand, after rumours of a 'second overdose' swirled. During the pandemic, his weight reached a staggering 26st 13lb, prompting doctors to recommend weight loss or face dire consequences.

In 2021, Arg underwent gastric sleeve surgery, transforming from 27st to 14st. However, the surgery left him with excess skin around his stomach, affecting his confidence.

A tummy tuck in January 2023 helped him overcome these concerns, boosting his confidence just in time for the summer.

Arg decided to confront his past demons by participating in Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins . Announcing the news on Instagram, the reality star shared: ““I’m honoured to reveal that I have taken part in this years #SASWhoDaresWins. It was honestly one of the hardest physical and mental challenges of my life.

"A year before I entered the course I was weighing 27 stone and I couldn’t even tie my own shoe laces. To even pass the medical to compete was a win in itself.

"I tried my very best, I hope people see a different side to me and I make everyone proud."

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