Jake Paul Knocks Out Tyron Woodley


If you ever had any doubt about Jake Paul’s fighting game, the guy just knocked out a former UFC champion — beating Tyron Woodley in the 6th round of Saturday night’s matchup.

Of course, Jake was initially slated to go against Tommy Fury, and he had a message for the “Love Island” star after putting Tyron on the canvas.

Check the video — Jake celebrates the major win … and says he’s ready to face Jorge Masvidal or Nate Diaz to follow up — calling them bitches in the process.

The win is the best of Jake’s career — he took the fight on less than a month’s notice after Tommy Fury backed out.

The knockout was beautiful. Jake faked to the body, forcing Tyron to drop his hands. Then Paul came over the top with a right that landed flush on Woodley’s ear, sending him falling to the canvas. It was clear Tyron was out, so the referee didn’t count … the fight was over.

Now that Jake handled Woodley once again, it seems like a Paul vs. Fury fight is in the works.

It all went down at Amalie Arena in Tampa .. and Jake’s definitely gonna celebrate his ass off tonight,

Remember, Jake said he was gonna knock Tyron out this time around — and the dude kept to his promise.

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