Jake Gyllenhaal Does a Shirtless Handstand, and Twitter Is Drooling over It

There are worse ways to wake up on a Friday morning than rolling over, grabbing your phone, and immediately seeing your Twitter feed inundated with thirst posts about Jake Gyllenhaal’s bare back.

In nothing but a pair of gray leggings, the Marvel actor suspends himself upside down, slowly crawling his feet up a wall until he’s in a decent-enough handstand, only a few stray hairs from his impeccable bun falling from his crown. Then, while still inverted, he somehow manages to dress himself in a tie-dyed T-shirt.

“Challenge accepted @tomholland2013,” he wrote over the video, which he posted to his Instagram Story yesterday, referencing the fact that his fellow Marvel costar nominated him to complete the handstand challenge.

“Thank u tom holland,” a Twitter user wrote, reflecting the general sentiment for the video across the Internet.

In a subsequent post, Gyllenhaal nominated Hugh Jackman, 50 Cent, and his older sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

As far as Instagram Story challenges go, this one is a bit unconventional. Holland could have just tagged Gyllenhaal to simply, say, draw an avocado or check boxes off self-quarantine bingo. But why do that when there’s the option to show off not only how fit you are, but also that you’re close enough with other famous people to egg them on into doing the same? (Really, Jake? You nominated 50 Cent?)

Below, a curated selection of Twitter reactions to Gyllenhaal’s beautifully executed handstand.

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