Issa Rae and Her Fiancé Louis Diame’s Relationship Is Top Secret and Peak Cute

Excuse me, hi, hello, and welcome to Issa Rae’s IRL dating life, about which the internet knows approximately nothing! Which is as it should be because of this thing called privacy. What we do know? That while the rest of us have been cultivating long-term relationships with our student debt, Issa’s been dating businessman Louis Diame—and apparently, things are getting serious.

If you have no idea who Louis is, that’s probably because he and Issa are extreeeeemely low-key. Like, take Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s entire vibe, flip it, reverse it, and that’s Issa and Louis. They aren’t hungry for the spotlight, they don’t want people all up in their business, and they don’t talk about each other to the press—which is why the internet doesn’t even know how they met.

That said, we do know a little about Issa and Louis’s relationship thanks to a few chatty costars, internet sleuthing, and Issa’s own somewhat cryptic interviews. For starters…

They’ve Been Dating For-ev-er

Like, since before Issa was famous forever. While the pair hasn’t confirmed, well, anything about their romance, the internet appears to have collectively decided that they’ve been together for at least a decade. Here’s one of only two pics I could find of them hanging together at a schmancy event, so enjoy!

They Just Got Engaged

Okay, fine, they got engaged last spring, but honestly, that feels like yesterday for those of us who are still mentally living in 2019. Issa’s Insecure costars Jay Ellis and Yvonne Orji were actually the ones to confirm the news, with Jay telling Entertainment Tonight, “We all found out in different ways because we’re all on different text chains. We talk at different times, so we all found out at different times in different ways.”

Meanwhile, Yvonne said, “The reaction was all the same, like, ‘You out here in these streets getting married, boo?!’ That was the reaction.”

They Keep Their Relationship Suuuper Private

Sure, they attend the occasional red carpet event together, but for the most part, Issa and Louis stay completely out of the spotlight. In fact, the only reason people realized Issa was engaged is because she casually showed up on the cover of Essence wearing a diamond on her ring finger:

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