Is Adele Dating Anyone After Her Divorce and Weight Loss?

Award-winning singer Adele has had an enviable career so far. She rose to fame in 2008 and has since been getting recognized all over the world for her vocal prowess and meaningful songs.

Although Adeleoften tries to keep her personal life on the down-low, many fans are stillcurious about what she does when she is not making music. Recently, Adele has attractedattention for her divorce from husband Simon Konecki as well as herjaw-dropping weight loss. These are no doubt huge changes to someone’s life,and it has made onlookers wonder: Is she dating anyone after her divorce andweight loss?

Adele and Simon Konecki divorcedin 2019

Adele and Konecki began dating in 2011, and a year later,they welcomed their son, Angelo. It is not clear when exactly Adele and Koneckitied the knot, but rumors of the singer getting married came out in 2017 andshe confirmed this not long after.

Unfortunately, Adele and Konecki announced that they were divorcingin April 2019. A source told E!News that the two of them simply “grew apart” as Adele made more strides inher career.

“Their marriage was clearly working for a very long time,”the insider explained. “Whenever she was out at big openings and specialevents, he was usually with her, and they looked really just happy together andin love. They were into the marriage pretty much until they decided this justisn’t working anymore.”

Adele has reportedly lost around150 pounds this past year

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Adele made a huge change this past year, but it was not justin her marital status. Fans noted that her appearance has changed drasticallyas well.

In early May, she shared a photo on Instagram to celebrateher 32nd birthday, and many followers saw that she was sportinga slimmer figure. Although Adele did not share how much weight she haslost, a medical expert told UsWeekly that it could be as much as 150 pounds.

According to Adele’s personal trainer, Pete Geracimo, Adele’sweight loss has always been about being a healthier version of herself insteadof “getting super skinny.”

“When [her album] 25dropped and the tour announced, we had to get ready for a 13 month gruellingschedule,” Geracimo explained. “In that time, she warmed to training and madebetter food choices. As a result, she lost considerable weight and people tooknotice.”

He also noted that Adele has since “embraced better eatinghabits and committed to her fitness.”

Is Adele dating anyone after herdivorce and weight loss?

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Since her divorce, Adele has been linked to a few famousfaces, including Skepta and HarryStyles. However, it does not seem like Adele will be in a committedrelationship anytime soon.

A source told Hollywood Life that Adele is “perfectly happy being single” at the moment, adding: “She doesn’t need a man to be happy. Right now, her focus is on being a mom and on her music.”

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