Hollywood hotspot Craig’s is sweetly easing coronavirus fears

As restaurants struggle to stay afloat during the coronavirus crisis, Hollywood hotspot Craig’s has seen one unusual bright spot.

“We’ve got this Craig’s vegan ice cream, and we offered it online. What’s interesting is we’re seeing a big ramp-up in online ice cream sales because I think people are just looking for something normal and sweet and fun and something that’ll lift people’s spirits,” the eatery’s owner Craig Susser told Deadline. “Interesting to see in the economy where people are going.”

He said of another signature dessert at the celebrity haunt that’s pivoted to delivery, “The chocolate pizza sales are doing really, really well… I get it, as we’re kind of all locked into our places, we want comfort food. We want things that make us feel better.” On working through the crisis he said, “We’re lucky that we have an income stream, however limited it is.”

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