Hidden details in Kate Middletons very symbolic Coronation outfit

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, looked regal as she attended the coronation of her father-in-law King Charles, while wearing an Alexander McQueen embroidered ivory silk crepe dress.

Over the dress, she wore a deep blue Royal Victorian Order mantle edged in scarlet. She added to this ensemble with a pair of earrings that once belonged to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, and the George VI Festoon Necklace, which was a gift from King George VI to his daughter Queen (then Princess) Elizabeth in 1950.

At the request of the King, none of the royals attending the event wore tiaras, with Kate instead opting for a crystal and silver threadwork three-dimensional leaf embroidery headpiece, which was designed by Jess Collett in collaboration with fashion house Alexander McQueen.

The Princess of Wales's outfit contained a number of hidden details symbolising her commitment to the country, of which she will one day serve as Queen Consort.

Her dress incorporated rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock motifs, which represent England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland respectively.

The accompanying headdress paid homage to the flower crowns worn by Queen Elizabeth’s maids of honour at her coronation back in 1953.

During the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, it was the leek that was used to represent Wales, rather than the daffodil, something which left the designer of the dress Sir Norman Hartnell, feeling rather annoyed.

The Telegraph reports that in his memoir the designer recalled how the Garter King of Arm forbade him from using a daffodil to represent Wales.

He wrote: "'A daffodil!’ exclaimed Garter. ‘On no account will I give you a daffodil. I will give you the correct emblem of Wales, which is the leek.’

"The leek I agreed was a most admirable vegetable, full of historic significance and doubtless of health-giving properties, but scarcely noted for its beauty. Could he not possibly permit me to use the more graceful daffodil instead?"

Princess Charlotte matched her mother's style by also wearing an Ivory Alexander McQueen dress, featuring rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock motifs. The young Princess wore a silver bullion, crystal and silver thread headpiece created by the same milliner as Kate's.

While Kate and Charlotte wore traditional coronation dresses, albeit without the expected tiara, other royals including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie did not.

Speaking to OK! about the York sister's outfits, royal fashion expert Rosie Harte, said: "It's interesting that they're wearing day dresses, it's the sort of thing you would see at a royal wedding for example. Traditionally we would have seen them in full court dress, so white tie with a tiara and velvet cape."


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