Here’s what the RHONY think of newest housewife Leah McSweeney

The Real Housewives of New York City looks a lot different this season. For starters, Bethenny Frankel is no longer a part of the franchise. While Frankel’s absence means that filming the show is a lot different for the stars of RHONY, her departure isn’t the only big change they’ve had to adjust to.

The RHONY crew also has a new member, Leah McSweeney. McSweeney is a mom and an entrepreneur who created Married to the Mob, a women’s streetwear brand. Will McSweeney bring drama to season 12 of RHONY?

So far, at least, it seems like the cast has welcomed her with open arms. “She’s a great addition to the cast,” Luann de Lesseps told E! News. “It’s not easy shoes to step into. And I feel like she walked in and kind of fit right in. So excited about that because I really like her. She’s a mother and a business owner and, at the same time, has a vulnerability to her that I think fans will really relate to her.”

New RHONY cast member Leah McSweeney had to go through some 'hazing'

Recently engaged Tinsley Mortimer also had nice things to say about McSweeney. “It’s fun too to have Leah come in as the new Housewife,” she said. “She’s a lot of fun. I was like at a time of my life too where I just felt like I wanted to be like louder and more wild and have fun. And so Leah was like a perfect addition and so fun to get to know better and she’s an awesome girl.”

While it seems McSweeney fit into the cast right away, the RHONY stars didn’t make things too easy on the newbie. Ramona Singer joked that there was “a hazing experience,” although it doesn’t sound like it was too bad. “With her I just took on the role as her surrogate mother and you’ll see during this season,” said Singer. “You’ll see when you watch how I was her surrogate mother and because of that, I held [her] to a different standard and a higher level, which sometimes we butt heads about in a big way.”

Leah McSweeney said she won't let the other Real Housewives 'step all over' her

McSweeney said that she felt a bit of resistance when she first joined the cast, but the Real Housewives quickly adjusted. “I think some of them didn’t want to like me, even though they ended up liking me, but at first, you know, they’re all like, ‘Who is this chick?'” she said. “Like, ‘What is she bringing to the group?'”

She added, “I mean, there’s definitely a little bit of a hazing process. And I respect that. Listen, I respect that, but at the same time, I’m not gonna let someone you know, step all over me.”

Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New York premieres on April 2.

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