Harrison Ford Reads Harsh Reviews for One of His Hit Films at Oscars 2021 Watch!

Harrison Ford is presenting at the 2021 Academy Awards!

The 78-year-old actor took the stage at the awards ceremony on Sunday (April 25) to present the award for Best Film Editing.

Before announcing the nominees, Harrison decided to take the time to read the harsh criticism about one of his hit films.

“The opening is too choppy. Why is this voiceover track so terrible? He sounds drugged. Were they all on drugs?” Harrison read. “Deckard at the piano was interminable. Flashback dialogue is confusing, is he listening to a tape? Why do we need a third cut off the egg. The synagogue music is awful, we’ve gotta use Vangelis. Up to Zhora’s death, the movie is deadly dull. This movie gets worse every screening.”

Harrison then revealed that he was reading some of the harsh reviews from his hit 1982 movie Blade Runner!

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