Gavin Rossdale & Pete Wentz Show Off Moves During Tennis Match

Gavin Rossdale serves up a move during a tennis match with Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz just before the weekend in Los Angeles.

The two musicians met up for the game at a local tennis court before Gavin left for home with his dog.

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Over the weekend, Gavin was seen out again with his dog, taking a little walk in a park nearby.

Recently, Gavin gave an interview about the importance of wearing masks during the pandemic.

“I think that it’s crazy that people don’t wear masks,” he shared. “When you’re in your house or you’re around people that you’ve been with…There’s a few people that I know who’ve been quarantined who come and spend time with me — very small [group] of people. And they are fine with it. But if I go anywhere publicly, I always wear a mask. I see people all the time not wearing masks. It’s amazing.”

He continued, “…It’s so easy to put a mask on.”

If you missed it, Gavin recently opened up about his divorce from Gwen Stefani and how he really feels about it.

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