Former Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams Calls Out Adrienne Bailon Houghton

Former 3LW and Cheetah Girls member Kiely Williams didn’t hold back on discussing past drama with her former bandmates during an Instagram Live session on Sunday.

No topic was off limits during the candid video chat with her followers, including her falling out with her fellow 3LW members — The Real co-host Adrienne Bailon Houghton and former Power star Naturi Naughton. One fans asked if 33-year-old Williams was open to appearing on The Real to hash things out with 36-year-old Houghton, who was in both 3LW and The Cheetah Girls with her.

“I don’t see a reason why I would need to go on The Real because I’m not promoting anything, right? So there’s no reason to do that for me,” Williams responded. “Also, I’mma be honest with you: I don’t think Adrienne wants to, like, have live TV with me. ‘Cause, I mean, she’s gonna have to say, ‘Yes, Kiely, I did pretend to be your best friend. Now, I am not.'”

“It’s like, you were either lying then or you’re lying now,” she continued. “You either were my best friend, and now you’re just not claiming me, or, you were pretending to be my best friend and now you’re telling the truth. So, that’s why I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

As for 35-year-old Naughton, Williams addressed Naughton’s claim during an interview on TV One’s Uncensored last April that she left 3LW in 2002 after Williams threw a plate of food at her face at a KFC. Williams and Houghton then went on to join The Cheetah Girls alongside Raven-Symone and Sabrina Bryan. Both bands disbanded in 2008.

Williams claimed that she didn’t purposely throw the food at Naughton’s face, and said she was trying to hold on to her baby sister at the time.

“If I had to choose between dropping my baby sister and a plate of food flying as I’m reaching for someone’s neck, I’m gonna keep my baby sister in my arms,” she said.

“I don’t feel that I have anything to make amends for, especially as it relates to Adrienne,” she added. “As far as Naturi goes, if there was ever a reason to apologize, all of that has been kind of overshadowed by the literal lies and really ugly stuff that she said about my mom and my sister. So no, not interested in that, sorry.”

Meanwhile, Naughton and Houghton have since made amends. Naughton appeared on The Real in 2017, and Houghton said that she had actually apologized to her years ago when she ran into her at a party for her former behavior.

ET spoke with Houghton last month, and she shared why she’s hesitant to ever reboot the Cheetah Girls franchise, which spawned three Disney films.

“[A reboot] has not been discussed at all,” Houghton said. “There’s so many things that I’m a fan of and when they redo them, I’m like, ‘Pero, why? Why did you feel that that was necessary?’ Sometimes it’s just best to bow out gracefully, let people love it forever. I’d rather people keep wanting it to be done and then it never gets done, versus doing it and they’re like, ‘They ruined it.'”

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