Exclusive Club Kicks Out Member for Leaking Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Location to Paps

Let’s be honest: some celebs definitely call the paps on themselves to generate press. But Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin? They mostly just want privacy—and recent un-staged pap pics of them leaving a club are causing a buncha drama.

According to Page Six, private club San Vicente Bungalows straight-up kicked out a member last week because said member’s guest allegedly tipped off the paparazzi to Justin and Hailey’s location. The club even made a formal announcement in their April newsletter, saying they had to “terminate” the member. Ahem, an expert from the newsletter update:

San Vicente Bungalows is known for its privacy, and reportedly has two very intense rules that they reminded everyone about in the aforementioned totally chill newsletter:

The newsletter also made it clear that members are fully responsible for the behavior of their guests. Meaning, if your friend decides to lose all chill and call the paps on Justin Bieber, you’re gonna get kicked out.

Ummm….anyone else desperately wanna join this club?

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