Emily VanCamp, Georges St-Pierre, & More ‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’ Stars Return to Marvel Set Amid Pandemic

Emily VanCamp suits up as Sharon Carter/Agent 13 on the set of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Monday (September 14) in Atlanta, Ga.

Also seen on set that day was Georges St-Pierre, who will be reprising his role as Georges Batroc, along with Desmond Chiam who will be playing an unconfirmed character.

The last time we saw the stars Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie on the set of the highly anticipated Disney+ show was back in February, before lockdowns took place amid the Coronavirus pandemic. These are the first set photos we’ve seen since the actors were able to return to set with safety guidelines in place.

Check out the photos of Emily VanCamp and others on the set of the Marvel television show…

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