Ellie Harrison age: How old is Ellie Harrison?

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Ellie Harrison has been presenting on well lover rural affairs series Countryfile since 2009. Over the years Ellie has become one of the favourites of the show alongside Countryfile regulars Matt Baker and Adam Henson.

How old is Ellie Harrison?

Ellie Harrison was born on November 17, 1977, and is 42 years old.

Ellie first hit our screens when she covered for Michaela Strachan while she was on maternity leave on her series Michaela’s Wild Challenge.

Talking of taking up the role Ellie told the Telegraph in 2017 of how she initially didn’t want to do it.

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She said: “I was like, ‘no, that’s not for me, I’m in a band.’ Urgh! [I was] so pretentious.

“Eventually I agreed to a screen test and got my first job doing wildlife TV.”

Ellie later went on to present on The One Show where she presented wildlife coverage from around the UK from 2007 to 2008.

A year later, Ellie joined the Countryfile team and became a familiar face to many for her time on the show.

Ellie has since spoken of why she feels the show has become so popular.

She told Event magazine: “Countryfile has been on telly for 28 years, so most people will have heard of it.

“It’s on at a dream slot on a Sunday night. It’s sort of hedgerow porn, with lovely green beautiful landscapes and we’ve got great cameramen who do a brilliant job with that.”

The presenter also suggested the shows ability to report on current rural affairs is also crucial to its success.

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Ellie said: “And I think it’s kind of now. We film two weeks before, so people know it’s going to be relevant to what’s happening in the countryside.

“I think the popularity is down to all those things together.”

She went on to talk of how she hopes to be on the show for as long as fellow Countryfile star John Craven who has presented on the series since 1989.

The blonde beauty added: “Yes. It would be absolutely wrong to sit here and go, this is my gig now forever! That doesn’t happen.

“Creative media crave the new and the fresh and the next, not the old and the staid and the familiar.

“And it’s not up to me. In this industry, you may not continue to have the gig one day and that’s to be expected.

“As long as you accept that, then you’re not going to become too diva-ish about it.”

Countryfile will air tonight on BBC One at 5.45pm.

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