Eddie Izzard up for Richard III role: 'I’m happy to play twisted b***ards'

Six Minutes To Midnight, which you co-wrote, is set in an English finishing school attended by girls of high-ranking Nazis…

Jim Broadbent is co-star. Is he an old friend?

When you were young, you studied accountancy. Why?

Has drama always been a big career ambition?

You’ve been in huge-scale movies like Valkyrie and Ocean’s Twelve. Do you get a kick out of switching between those and the indies?

How come you’re able to perform comedy in so many languages?

Is there an historical figure you would like to play?

Of all the famous people you’ve met, is there one encounter that sticks out?

You famously ran 32 marathons in 31 days for charity. Would you encourage others to get running?

You work so hard at so many things. Do you ever think about slowing down?

Are you an optimist?

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