Drudge Report Traffic Is Down 45% From Last Year

The Drudge Report continued its nine-month losing streak in September, according to Comscore data


The Drudge Report’s traffic fell 45% year-over-year in September, extending its nine-month losing streak into 2020, according to Comscore data.

The data — obtained by The Righting, a site that monitors trends in right-wing news and opinion sites — shows that the conservative news aggregator was down, but one conservative figurehead who did not see declines is Dan Bongino, a Fox News contributor who launched his own aggregator site to compete with Drudge’s.

Comscore did not provide full Bongino Report or Drudge Report numbers, but Bongino.com, which features original pieces instead of aggregated ones, saw a 780% increase over last September.

In September 2020, Bongino.com brought in 2.593 million unique visitors when in September 2019, it took in just 295,000.

President Donald Trump has been ridiculing Drudge for the declining numbers for months after taking the position that the conservative tastemaker has begun curating the homepage to have an anti-Trump slant. The president has also leveled criticism at Fox News when he feels the network isn’t supportive enough of him, but that company’s digital offering, FoxNews.com, saw heavy traffic in September 2020.

Overall, FoxNews.com brought in 104.089 million unique visitors, a 9% increase over September 2019. CNN.com, however, brought in more traffic than any other conservative or mainstream media site: 144.471 million unique visitors, an 11% increase over last September.

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