Do what I want Anne Robinson turned down Countdown predecessor Nick Hewers kindly offer

Countdown: Anne Robinson discusses becoming new presenter

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Formerly known as The Queen of Mean, Anne Robinson’s first episode of Countdown will air later today. Now, the new host of the hit Channel 4 show has revealed how she hasn’t taken her predecessor, Nick Hewer, up on a kind offer he made.

I thought I should just do what I want to do.

Anne Robinson

Anne, 76, has never been one to bite her tongue when it comes to voicing what is on my mind, generating the nickname The Queen of Mean following her infamous comebacks on The Weakest Link.

Anne has since taken over the famous Countdown chair, replacing Nick, with her first instalment going out to fans this afternoon.

Speaking ahead of her debut on the Channel 4 programme, she admitted that while Nick may have been on hand to offer support, she isn’t in need of any.

Anne said that her way of filming the show will be completely different to Nick’s.

“Nick offered that if I wanted to call him, I could do,” she said.

The Crosby-born star went on to say: “But I thought I should just do what I want to do.

“There’s three shows where you’ve got 10 minutes to come off, get changed and do you hair.”

She explained to OK! Magazine: “I thought, ‘He’s not going to know any of that, he just puts a different jacket on!'”

While Anne may not have been on television as much in recent years, she has turned down several opportunities.

“This came along in a text, I thought, ‘Oh yes, I would like to do that, that’s quite a nice gig’, I thought I could have some fun,” she explained.

However, while Anne may be excited to get back in front of a camera, it is completely different to what she is used to from her days on The Weakest Link.

“Budgets for wardrobe now are minuscule, I wore only designer clothes on The Weakest Link and had 50 pairs of glasses — for this, I rifled through my own wardrobe and bought a few things slightly more brightly coloured,” she said.

Anne will sit alongside lexicographer Susie Dent and Rachel Riley, who hosts the numbers and word segment of the programme.

Speaking of Anne’s arrival, Nick previously said: “I’m sure the fans will soon take to Anne Robinson as a duck takes to water, Countdown is the star.

“The presenters come and go, it’s their job to look after Countdown and make sure when they hand it over to the next one it’s in just as good shape as when they picked it up.”

“That’s our job, we’re just curators,” he added.

While announcing that she would be joining Countdown, during an appearance on Steph’s Packed Lunch, Anne said that she would be planning to “tone down” her “nastiness”.

She went on to discuss her iconic “You are the Weakest Link, goodbye” catchphrase, saying: “The catchphrase just came about on the pilot when I got really cheesed off with a contestant and I added the goodbye.”

Admitting she was “beyond thrilled” to be taking the helm of Countdown, Anne quipped: “The show is almost as old as I am and just as historic!”

Countdown airs at 2.10pm on Channel 4.

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